I picked up my first Super 8mm camera while still a teenager on a council housing estate in the south-east of England during the punk era of the late 1970s.
Since then I’ve worked around the planet making films and sometimes art, talking to people and writing with my camera to tell stories which capture the human condition at its best and worst.

For the past 18 months I’ve been undergoing treatment for thyroid cancer that was possibly caused by exposure to particles of depleted uranium – or DU as its known in military and NGO circles – and as a result an observer has become the observed in a new project I’m developing called: The Legacy of an Invisible Bullet.
With my health returning I’m also working on films once again including: Minefield a feature-length documentary I’ve been filming since the war in Bosnia 20 years ago.
Critically acclaimed as both an award-winning Film-maker and Video Artist I’m on the look-out for challenging creative collaborations and always open to talk about new ideas.



THE BALKANS (1995-2001)

ART + PUNK + POLITICS (1978-2006)