I started making films as a teenager living on a council estate during the punk-era with a second-hand Super 8mm camera.

My first Super 8mm.

Ever since then I’ve worked all-over the planet making films – and sometimes art – that tells stories about people and the wonderful, frightening, strange and very different worlds they inhabit.
Here’s a short impressionistic reflection on more than 40 years of my film-making activity:

Since 2013 I’ve been undergoing treatment for thyroid cancer which was possibly caused by exposure to something, somewhere out on one of my many assignments over the decades.
As a result a life-long observer has found himself becoming observed in a series of 120+ short films which are being developed into a hybrid ‘pocket cinema’ project called: 
Sporene af en usynlig kugle  or The Legacy of an Invisible Bullet 
Please contact me directly for the password if you would like to see the current concept/test reel as it does contain adult material, or want to find out more about the project.
Another long-term project that I’ve been filming since the end of the Balkan conflict is Minefield a film about a game that people play in-between life and death, which is currently seeking completion funding.

Minefield sampler 2017 version

From documentaries to hybrid feature films and concept-based shorts, I’m always open to talk about challenging projects or assignments and will never close the door on a good idea, creative collaboration or original story.

A film-maker in search of a story, the Caucasus Region, 2002.

Critically acclaimed internationally as a video artist and BAFTA nominated as a film-maker, my work has screened world-wide and many of my films can be viewed on this website.

Another broken camera: Return from Kurdistan, 2016. Helsingør, Denmark .



THE BALKANS (1995-2001)

ART + PUNK + POLITICS (1978-2006)