I started making films as a teenager living on a council estate during the punk era with a second-hand Super 8mm camera .
Ever since then I’ve worked all-over the planet making films and sometimes art. Telling stories about war and peace and a game people play in-between life and death.

For the past 4 years I’ve been undergoing treatment for thyroid cancer, that was possibly caused by exposure to something somewhere out on one of my many travels. As a result a life-long observer has ended up finding himself also becoming the observed in a series of 120+ web films that I’m developing into a ‘pocket cinema’ feature film: 
The Legacy of an Invisible Bullet/Sporene af en usynlig kugle
Please contact me for the password if you would like to see the current concept/screen-test reel
With my health back again I’m also continuing work on Minefield: An epic story of War and Football that I began filming in Bosnia back in 1995.

I’m always open to talk about challenging projects and will never close the door on good ideas, creative collaborations or original stories.
Critically acclaimed internationally and BAFTA nominated, my films have screened extensively and many of them can be viewed on this website.



THE BALKANS (1995-2001)

ART + PUNK + POLITICS (1978-2006)