2 Takes 7 Edits and a Cutaway

I’ve been experimenting a lot with the camera on my Nokia1020 mostly in relation to a project I’m shooting at the moment called: A Copenhagen Cycle Geography. It’s a project which I’ve been filming and writing with cameras pretty much since I was first diagnosed with thyroid cancer last September. Anyway I don’t want to talk too much about it in this post but will write about in more detail in the near future. However, a brief description of what I’m trying to achieve is a fusion of Poor Cinema with Performance and Artists video and Body Politics with Documentary. I’m using relatively cheap technology to create a kind of intimate ‘Pocket Cinema’ which allows me  to write directly with a number of different cameras: In this case the Nokia 1020 (as used here) a Go-Pro Hero3 (which is proving to be a pain in the ass!) and a still solid but dated SONY Ex1. Not the most sophisticated or expensive of technology I know, but all that I have to hand, along with a zero (not even a 10 quid) budget.  In the end it is all about creative intent and defining a sensibility –  not simply showing off the size of my film sensors! (Something that a lot of Drama film-makers both in Scotland and here in Denmark need to learn is: Substance always over Style!) I’m also currently talking with Charlotte Munck about collaborating in narrating the film  in an unusual way (as well as making cameo appearances) and to the Musician/Artist  featured here Dane TS Hawk about a sound score.

2 Takes 7 Edits and a Cutaway is a free-form, music film featuring Dane TS Hawk and his Reception band live at the David Risley Gallery, Copenhagen (26/04/14) A Spring time gig, it featured the compositions of the Danish Bo-Ho/Beat/Jazz legend and Writer being performed by a fusion of Danish avant-garde jazz legends with young-gun musicians. I deliberately kept the shooting style fixed and in one position  to contrast with the disciplined performance and energy of the musicians, while the edit structure used was kept minimalist to allow the focus to be on the performance and music. 2 Takes 7 edits and a Cutaway is a fusion of music documentary, performance documentation and minimalist video art. All tracks composed by Dane TS Hawk. Sensibility not Film Sensors!