2013: Happy New Wave!

Welcome to my new website, which in all honesty will be as much an evolution as it will a revolution.

With the changes taking place at Autonomi last year,  I thought it best on the advice and patience(!)  of my good friends at Elemental Films  that I start the new year with a new domain to go with a new city, a new country and all being well, some new projects.  However, above all else, I hope 2013 will see a conclusion (if not an ending) to nearly 2 decades of film-making activity on Minefield Рa film about War and Football,  which has increasingly over time become a story about a Friendship and an exploration of  the limits of the documentary film-making process.

It’s¬†also time now ¬†for something different and I ¬†hope to advance ¬†the development on some new projects ¬†that include – ¬†if not Scotland’s then at the very least Glasgow’s – ¬†first Surf-movie with a working title of: The Easterhouse Surf trip. ¬†I’m also developing ¬†an interactive film/text/sound cross-platform project called The¬†Scotiastan Blog and will also later this month in Glasgow and Copenhagen start filming the pilot and trailer ‘pitch’ for a high-definition¬†24-hour ¬†thriller/noir Cinema installation project called: SNIPER 2(01)4. ¬†Most importantly of all, I want to collaborate with new people on these and on other projects anywhere on the planet.You can find me at home here in Copenhagen and also back in Glasgow.

I’ll be using this blog ¬†as a sketchbook and moving-image scrapbook of things I see, hear, experience, ¬†like, support and – yes – am critical of. It’ll include extracts and out-takes, stuff I rediscovered in archives, a few experiments and needless to say things that make me angry as well as passionate (as those of you who’ follow me on twitter may already be well aware)

In-between journeys to other places, I’m always up for ¬†a dialogue – and a beer !

 Happy 2013