A Copenhagen Cycle Geography or Legacy of an Invisible Bullet ?

Anyone who’s been following my blog posts over the past year, or who may even have just popped-bye to do the odd bit of spying/spooking will probably already know that I’ve been undergoing treatment for thyroid cancer. And although the result of my treatment so far – to use the understated language of the NHS consultant – is: “All very satisfactory” I’m realistic about the life-long treatment I’m facing now and also about survival rates. As I’ve already said in my blogs, I’ve never really bought into all this power of positive thinking/life-style coaching stuff – nor do I really want to call myself a ‘cancer survive’ because in the end you cheat these things to deal with them – you don’t necessarily beat them and besides, real survivors in my view are the women, men and children who survive wars and fight-back when under siege (Kobani in Kurdistan comes to my mind here at the moment) or who’ve lived through things that are far worse than discovering a lump on your neck. So before I start moving the important stuff like life and the less important stuff like filmmaking on again– firstly by finishing my film on War and Football: Minefield as a starter – of which I’ll post more about next week – here are the links to all the blog-posts that I’ve written under the Invisible Bullet heading in the past year.

I should also mention too that through-out the course of what has been a pretty tough physically and mentally exhausting year, I’ve also been filming regularly with my faithful Ex1, a Go-Pro that’s been more trouble than it’s worth and with a HD-Nokia mobile phone; And that one of my creative challenges now is to figure out if there is a film in it all that doesn’t fall into the usual cancer/victim/campaign genre or possibly  even into the form of a conventional documentary come to think of it, but which potentially is more of a creative film about body-politics. At the moment I’m looking at 2 possible titles for this project: A Copenhagen Cycle Geography (which means it might at least stand a chance of getting into Cph Dox!?) OR: The Legacy of an Invisible Bullet (which maybe has more of an international feel to it but also suggests a war story of sorts) But before I finally do sit-down to make sense out of the hard-drives full of footage that I’ve shot in the past year, order what I’ve scribbled down on over a 100 odd postcards and identified the extracts from my blog posts that I want to include  – I’d just like to add that it’s really nice to wake-up in the morning and feel like a proper filmmaker.