A few thoughts for anyone who still cares about TV as Art and not as a bad Science

While writing a blog in celebration of the life of my former teacher and the god-father of British Video Art David Hall  who died in October, I came across this quote on his website

I think it can best be read as a call to arms or at least just a few words of encouragement and motivation for any Producers, Film-makers and even the increasingly rare compassionate and intelligent Commissioning Editor (!) out there who wants to remain focused and compassionate, rather than just Dazed and Confused!

Perhaps in 2015 we all need to call time on X-factor film-making, the pitching circuses of the international documentary scene and the bad-science that TV has become once and for all!?:

The question was that of knowing how to introduce resistance into this cultural industry. I believe that the only line to follow is to produce programmes for TV, or whatever, which produce in the viewer an effect of uncertainty and trouble. It seems to me that the thing to aim at is a certain sort of feeling or sentiment. You can’t introduce concepts, you can’t produce argumentation. This type of media isn’t the place for that, but you can produce a feeling of disturbance, in the hope that this disturbance will be followed by reflection. I think that that’s the only thing one can say, and obviously it’s up to every artist to decide by what means s/he thinks s/he can produce this disturbance…

Jean-François Lyotard, Brief Reflections on Popular Culture, Institute of Contemporary Arts Documents 4, London, 1986.