International Mine Awareness Day: April 4th,2013

On this day 5 years ago I was in Baghdad dodging the mortars and rockets coming into the Green-zone from Sadr City with the Football/Mine Awareness charity Spirit of Soccer and their charismatic chief coach (and my good friend) Scotty Lee.

At one stage we actually did wonder if we would ever get out of Baghdad alive as the situation worsened. However, as things turned out it was to be the continuation of a journey that started back in a shell-shocked Sarajevo in the mid-1990s which since then has set out to capture the power of a game people play in-between life and death.

Minefield is an on-going film project about War, Football and Friendship.  Unfortunately not considered to be ‘front-line’ enough by someone who’s sat in a job for far too-long at a certain UK TV station, that’s obsessed with celebrity Chefs, I thought it was now time to give real people a chance to watch the rough-cut and make up their own minds about whether I take the film into extra time and complete it or I call it a day and hang up my football boots and Kevlar jacket on it.

When Professional Respect and Trust disappear from the alchemy that gives you the confidence to believe in your film, then you may as well give up searching for the truth because you really don’t have a story anymore

Thanks to all those involved in getting the story this far: Marie Olesen (Producer) and Berny McGurk (Editor) Thanks also to Mogwai, their people and all the wonderful folk who’ve worked with Spirit of Soccer in Iraq, Cambodia, Bosnia,Kosova, Moldova and elsewhere:
Peace be upon you – Inshallah’

April 4th

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