The view from a Baghdad bunker

April is the cruellest month……

Notes from a lost decade

I recently hit 61 and am aware that I haven’t completed a film in 10 years, for various reasons – cancer being the main one.

So what follows are a few thoughts …

Town of the Shouting Men

Just about to head back to former homelands to start research on a new project about England, my family and the end of the world, which is being supported by a #Statenskunstfond – …


A few free films and some notes/thoughts on why I want to grow old (dis)gracefully and will always (r)age against the machine…..

Things to do with 120 short films #1

The work of the eyes is done. Go now and do the heart-work on the images imprisoned within you.


I’ve never really been much of a fan of short films.

Especially those …

Minefield: An EndGame

 Here are some of my thoughts and reflections on a film project I’ve been working on through my entire career as a “professional” film-maker.
I’ve included a final sampler reel, along with some …

Leaving the Dog Beach

Summer 2017

Yes! – it’s long and was written in-between all those important things in life – so feel free to read and return rather than log-in for the duration.

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After Manchester 22nd May 2017….

16th March 1988….

There’s a tree in #QueensPark #Glasgow – next to the #UN Tree which has been largely left untouched and allowed to grow and mature over the years.

Anyway this other tree has a plaque …