A few free films and some notes/thoughts on why I want to grow old (dis)gracefully and will always (r)age against the machine…..

Things to do with 120 short films #1

The work of the eyes is done. Go now and do the heart-work on the images imprisoned within you.


I’ve never really been much of a fan of short films.

Especially those …

Minefield: An EndGame

 Here are some of my thoughts and reflections on a film project I’ve been working on through my entire career as a “professional” film-maker.
I’ve included a final sampler reel, along with some …

Leaving the Dog Beach

Summer 2017

Yes! – it’s long and was written in-between all those important things in life – so feel free to read and return rather than log-in for the duration.

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After Manchester 22nd May 2017….

The thoughts of Citizen Nowhere and the Last and Lost of England….

Spring 2017

I’m still waiting on the uploads to complete of what I’ve been working on over the winter – a boring process which I’ve had to redo several times for “administrative reasons” …

16th March 1988….

There’s a tree in #QueensPark #Glasgow – next to the #UN Tree which has been largely left untouched and allowed to grow and mature over the years.

Anyway this other tree has a plaque …

Winter 2017: The Truth doesn’t have a shape.

Here’s my latest blog-post, the spelling and grammar for which I’ll be correcting as I go along – but not the sentiments and opinions expressed in it. Any corrections or typo …

“…When you play football you can explain everything”

The chances are by the time you discover and read this post or just head straight to the music-free Vlog/Dispatch I’ve made (below) to replace an out-dated and music-overkilled trailer I’ll either …