What’s new: Site updates

I’ve just up-loaded some new material to my site and simplified the front page with a short, experimental and reflective film that sets out to capture something of the spirit of the people …

My first camera

My first ever moving-picture camera – a Super 8mm – brought for me by my dear old Mum from a Spiritualist Church Jumble sale for the then princely sum …

The Road to Nowhere: On the trail of a lost Scottish Road Movie

It’s great to see film critic and writer Colin McArthur is included at this year’s EIFF. I can only imagine that Forsyth Hardy is probably turning in his grave at …

It’s what I do

I have been spending a lot of time over the first part of this year in Denmark getting to know the scene, talking to some great folk in the Production community and am …

Reading List

Here’s a  snap shot of what I intend to be reading in analogue form over the next few months, excluding blogs, twitters, newspapers and technical manuals – ohh yeah and I …

Some thoughts on Film-making and the Art of Goal-keeping

When I was a kid growing up on a Council Housing Estate in a military town, in the south of England there were 2 things that I’d only ever dream of becoming …

Probably the best Mayday I’ve ever had and probably will ever have.

With the 1st of May fast approaching, here’s the Mayday sequence from Scottish BAFTA nominated feature: KURDI. Filmed in the mountains of Kurdistan Region of Northern Iraq, it was hard to believe that a war was happening just a matter of 30 klms away from us, which we were soon to discover for ourselves. KURDI, which also filmed back home in Scotland as well as in the Lebanon, can be watched on demand at Indieflix or alternatively purchased as a limited edition DvD which includes the original sound-score by Tara Jaff.

Contact me via this website for more details.

Watch KURDI on demand here:


Mayday in the Mountains of Kurdistan

The Town of the Shouting Men

It’s not everyday that the Medway losers winner anything
So today has been a little bit special.
Watch-out for the forthcoming project:
More soon….