#minefieldmovie twitter is now #scotiastan

Today I decided to rename my@minefieldmovie twitter feed. The reason for this has a lot to do with what’s happening with the project – I want it to speak for itself – and …

Kurdi updates

In March 2013 , it will be 10 years since we began filming Kurdi in Glasgow,  just before the start of the war in Iraq.  So, I’m looking to get this  Scottish BAFTA nominated feature film up on to Distrify in the next few weeks, along with a number of other titles from my back catalogue. In the meantime here’s the original pilot we shot in Kurdistan: Peshmarga  (Those Who Die First)  It’s more of  a hybrid between a short-film and an extended trailer really, rather than a conventional cinema trailer.

Kurdi  can also currently be seen on VOD at  IndeFlix:   http://indieflix.com/film/kurdi-32624/


Kurdi update

2013: Happy New Wave!

Welcome to my new website, which in all honesty will be as much an evolution as it will a revolution.

With the changes taking place at Autonomi last year,  I thought it best on the …


Because what’s going to happen here will be as much evolution as it will  revolution. It’ll include lots of new and old archive clips, a blog,which’ll be like a sketchbook and scrapbook, some VoD with options to buy and own films and a bunch of other stuff that I’ve worked on and am developing.

Write to me at my existing e-mail:


…or on my new one for 2013:


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In the meantime here’s the trailer for my current film-in-progress: Minefield