A story of Fear and Loathing in the Caucasus

I wasn’t  quite sure where to place this material as it doesn’t really fit into any of the categories I’ve created on this site – other than existing as fragments and a pilot of sorts for a film that was never made called Pipe Dream (A story of Fear, Oil and Loathing in the Caucasus)

Shot in the late summer 2002′ in the year after the events of 9/11 and between making Bedroom Radio and Good Cop, what’s  here are fragments from material I filmed as part of Thomas Goltz’s Oil Odyssey 2002. In the company of Goltz and a colourful assortment of variously traumatized war-hacks, Azeri Dancers, Moto-Cross champions, Montana Cowboys and Girls and the odd Californian millionaire biker, we followed the route of the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan oil pipeline through the Caucasus region.

The whole road trip was like a cross between a geo-political version of Easy Rider and Fear and Loathing set in the Caucasus. Goltz some day says he might get around to making a film to accompany a book he’s published on the Oil Odyssey adventures. Check it out on Amazon.


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