It’s what I do

I have been spending a lot of time over the first part of this year in Denmark getting to know the scene, talking to some great folk in the Production community and am always happy to speak to people if not in my Danish! Work-wise I have been writing the first Part of what I hope will potentially be a bigger trans-media project called ‘Scotiastan’ wrestling with the post-traumatic stress of the characters in my research for ‘The Easterhouse Surf Trip‘ (working title), shooting some pilot material for Sniper/C2(01)4 – a 24 hour installation project that’s a cross between a nordic noir thriller and a documentary and developing other ideas that might just work on both sides of the North Sea. I’ll also be updating my home-page shortly with a short-experimental film (I prefer not to call it a show reel) which will be a reflection on 30 years of work as a film-maker and artist called: It’s what I do.

But before all that happens, I’ll be back in Scotland from Friday 24th May – 3rd June on business and also out surfing!