Kriss Donald (2 July 1988 – 15 March 2004)

On the 15th March 2014 it will have been 10 years since teenager Kriss Donald was abducted and brutally murdered in a racially motivated attack in the Pollokshields area of Glasgow’s south-side. Kriss’s brutal murder sent shock-waves through-out our community and yet despite the best efforts of right-wing politicians, racists and tabloid-hacks alike to stir-up hatred, his murder instead of dividing us brought us closer together. Because in the end everyone – black and white alike – agreed that 15 year-old Kriss was an innocent victim – a white kid caught in the wrong place, at the wrong time and in the wrong company in the eyes of his racist killers.

The films I’ve included in this post: Harrigan’s Beat and the extended/un-narrated version of the same story: Good Cop follow many of those involved in the Kriss Donald murder investigation and capture a troubled period in time which encompassed the fall-out from the events of 9/11 and subsequent ongoing war on terror, the G8 summit in Gleneagles and the terror attacks in London on 7/7. For me the success and lasting legacy of the film lies in the way that it accessed and opened-up a window on a multi-cultural city at the end of northern Europe in a way that has seldom been achieved before or matched since. So I’m posting these films for you to watch, share and download in memory of Kriss Donald, as a tribute to the people of Glasgow’s south-side and as a mark of respect to those who participated in our filming over the 2 years that it took to get the film completed. Please feel free to leave comments in response to this posting.

Amid tragedy, hatred and fear we found things that will always bring us together.

Harrigan’s Beat 

Good Cop