MINEFIELD: A request for Music and Noise

Minefield is a genuinely independent feature documentary currently being made in Scotland by myself (a BAFTA-nominated film-maker and Video artist) and one of Scotland’s top editors Berny McGurk. Much of what we’re doing now and have done over the years that I’ve been filming has been largely self-funded.Our reason for doing this?: Well – like a lot of good talented folk we know in Scotland – we were sick of the interference and obstructions we were getting from risk-averse TV broadcasters and uninterested, conservative Film Executives at funding agencies.

Minefield is a film about war and football and the power of a game that people play in-between life and death. It’s a film about how a footballer and his NGO Spirit of Soccer is helping kids reclaim their childhood in war-zones, and it tells a story about losing and finding the sweat of youth amid the horrors and traumas of conflict. It’s also a film about a troubled friendship between a football coach and a film-maker that’s set over more than 20 years.  As a taster here’s our current extended trailer:

If you’d like to see even more for inspiration and reference, then there’s also a rough cut on Vimeo which I can send you a link and password for.

I started filming Minefield back in a shell-shocked Sarajevo more than 20 years ago, and have been working on it on-and-off ever since. Now with our story – if no the issues it’s dealing – with finally reaching some sort of end game, we’re looking to put together a fine-cut of the film and to do this we’re looking for a soundtrack of music, sound and noise that’s inspiring, magical, surprising, cinematic and which helps take viewers to another place along with the images they see and the story we’re telling. To achieve this, we’re after music from bands both established and unknown, who you think will work in the film, which will, when complete, screen at festivals and in cinemas and also be developed into a trans-media experience on-line.

Now the bit that you’re probably not wanting to hear and have heard all too often before: At this stage we have no cash for upfront royalties or clearances – However, we only need non-exclusive rights, which doesn’t stop you from using your tunes in other ways, to enable us to use the music for all platforms and ideally in perpetuity. I guess you’ve probably heard all this before, but as a film-maker I have a reputation of sticking to my word and any contracts that we enter into will include a promise that you/your artist/publisher (how you redistribute is clearly none of our business) will recoup side-by-side with other investors in the project (editor, director, sound and colour artist, etc.) on an equal basis. It might be pennies rather than pounds, but who knows?! But what we do promise is clearly to credit any usage by artist (as you deem fit) and ensure a sound cross promotion in all publishing material across all platforms – in perpetuity. We’re also open to the possibility of putting together a compilation soundtrack, for which we’ll make available images and film footage for any promos that bands/musicians/artists might want to use.

Anyway, let us know if you want to find out more or are interested in collaborating – we look forward to hearing from you!

For more info contact me via my website