Website launch Friday 1st March

Well – here’s the new website.  Still needs a bit more proof reading, spell correction and weeding out – as it always will do and like I say it’s a process of evolution as much as revolution. As much my sketch book as a promotional tool.

In due course I’ll be including VoD options for most of the feature length projects included and will also be offering viewer bundles DVD’s et al – but that’s all in the future.

I can’t sign off on this post without thanking those folk who responded to my request for comments on the site as it’s evolved (you know who you are!) Special thanks should also go to Owen Thomas at Elemental Films whose patience and time helped a novice discover the highs and lows of word-press and web code (which isn’t poetry by the way!) I’d also fondly recommend May Miles Thomas and Owen’s current feature and App The Devils Plantation for further exploration. It’s an intriguing and very different film about Glasgow.

So beyond now trying to get some paid work in the door, getting my bike back on the road, finding some Spring waves to surf and practising my Danish, I guess I can now say I’m in business.