What I do

On this website you can find out about my activity as a film-maker and video artist right back to when I was a teenage skinhead with a Super 8mm camera and a SONY video portapack at Art school.Over the decades I’ve made award winning work that’s both for/against Television,directed films for Independent Cinema audiences and created projections and video art installations internationally. Currently I’m developing new Documentary and Fiction based projects across platforms: for the Web, TV, Digital Cinema and also back in art spaces.

at loch lomond

I guess you could call me a documentary-maker, however I prefer to be tagged as an Independent film-maker or an Artist (both far more passionate, richer, wilder and less objectionable tags than being associated with a form that has sadly been hi-jacked by celebrity chefs, poverty-pornographers and life-style Television Commissioners!) Over the years I’ve worked all over the planet in conflict/post war-zones from the Balkans to the Middle-East and even found myself at one stage as cinematographer (or ‘Lensman’ as a certain old War-hack I knew would say) on a wild motorcycle trip through the Caucasus. SinceĀ 9/11Ā I’ve made a number of passionate and hard-hitting observational films that all have as their starting point the troubled northern European city that was my home for more than 30 years: Glasgow (a different kind of war-zone really) Many of these films although based on local stories all have an international dimension to them and Ā some (such asĀ BAFTAĀ nominated feature:Ā Kurdi) drew me back into war-zones in Kurdistan, Lebanon and Iraq.

Boots RAW

Football Boots and Kevlar jacket fromĀ MinefieldĀ Baghdad 2008

In between assignments I also taken on what I call ā€˜plumbing jobsā€™ either for other film-makers or directly for ethical Corporate, Educational and NGO clients. Now based between Copenhagen, Glasgow and occasionally Gillingham (Kent, England) I’m available to Shoot (any format, any camera, anywhere) Edit (Avid) Write (with a pencil and paper as well as a PC) and Direct. I also read real books, poetry and film scripts as well as camera and edit manuals, texts, tweets and (reluctantly) word press code. Along with a 1st class honours degree in Fine Art and post-graduate commendations, I also have advanced qualifications in Hostile Environment and First Aid TrainingĀ (HEFAT)Ā Finally an important part of my professional life over the past 3 years has been spent as a company director and production mentor forĀ Diversity Films.Ā A project with a special remit to engage with disenfranchised communities, ethnic minorities, young people and folk with physical or educational learning disabilities across Scotland; Helping them to develop their talents and share their visions of the very special worlds in which they live through digital film.In the end the whole project became something we referred to as ā€˜folk cinemaā€™ rather than community video making.

When not working I can be found surfing off the coast of Scotland or searching for decent waves in Denmark.If I’m not on my surfboard then Iā€™ll be in a Cinema,an Art gallery or a pub watching football.I’m always ready to talk about new projects, Art, Pop, Politics and Gillingham Football Cub!


Doug Aubrey, Winter 2013