Town of the Shouting Men

Just about to head back to former homelands to start research on a new project about England, my family and the end of the world, which is being supported by a #Statenskunstfond – aka the Danish Arts Council – travel grant, as well as continue work on: “Legacy of an Invisible bullet” of which more in the near future.
Looking through some old archive I found this: Written for Dox magazine shortly after I’d made a film called: Victim of Geography about the Balkan conflict which – somehow – got a silver wolf nomination at the International Documentary Festival Amsterdam (IDFA) even though I never turned up in the end to “doff my cap” to those that matter, because I was filming in Kosovo.
Reading it again nothing seems to have changed much in documentary film-making which has increasingly become even more formulaic and creatively conservative, and I get the sense that – like others – I’ve been written out of history by those in the “club” who are destined to both live and write about such things. I’ll post more about my trip and what happens soon #seeyouinthenextwar